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Mar 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
legally, work, be registered, pay taxes, go back home, and to continue along the pathway of citizenship, if that's what they wanted to do, just like anybody else, why do we have to make it into a big political issue. >> and yet it is. >> we had immigration, the evolution of the conservative movement on the issue of immigration is nothing less than astonishing. congressman labrador headed that panel. the panel talked about moving forward and agreeing on an immigration reform package that covered all of the concerns of the conservative movement and frankly if there was not unanimity a wide consensus that's the way we're going. >> yet she represents a part of the party. >> she has an audience but if you would have looked at this last year you would have never had a panel like this or reaction from the audience like we had. there's been tremendous progress towards a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform package and one that includes the concerns of most conservatives, concerns that have lasted for 20 years or more since the reagan 1986 situation, we thought we needed more in the enfor
Mar 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
all of us, dutch and i have been working so hard on that. >> let's talk about that. we have a tax rigattacks, wall street has been attacked. other capabilities from other countries including iran to knock out our grid system, to attack some of our banks, icana has probably stolen more trade secrets, the largest amount of theft in the history of the world and we have got to stop this. one of the issues out there, mike and i have been working on this for two years and we put together a bill that would pass in a bipartisan manner last year. went to the senate and failed and we have to move forward and people are saying why do we have to continue? and in that one year we've had more attacks, "the washington post," "the new york times" are getting atacked, and they're getting stronger. what keeps you up at night, i'll say spicy food, weapons of mass destruction and destructive cyber attacks, and we have the capability to stop this, but we have to pass our bill, and our bill is only 37 pages, our bill deals with privacy issues yet we're working with the white house and the senate and th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2